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In Hanover, van Eck displayed the Airfreight Cool Trailer certified by High Secured Pharma. At the same time, the IAA was the setting for a major contract that van Eck received.
GEORGI Transporte from Burbach placed an order for a total of thirty airfreight trailers. This order consists of twenty airfreight cool trailers certified by High Secured Pharma and ten airfreight curtain sider trailers. The airfreight cool trailers certified by High Secured Pharma have an internal height of 3,055 mm at the rear and 2,915 mm at the front. The vehicles thus have space for four main deck pallets with a height of 2,900 mm or three main deck pallets with a height of 3,000 mm and one main deck pallet with a height of 2,900 mm.
The trailer has pharma certification, which is increasingly required by food manufacturers due to the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) requirement in the directives of the European Commission. The chassis thus has a high insulation value, as a result of which the air and temperature distribution in the chassis is optimal. The trailer is equipped with a Carrier Vector 1950 D/E type refrigeration machine, and is also equipped with temperature sensors.
The trailer is simultaneously equipped with an advanced protection system so as to fulfil the strict TAPA TSR 2012 Level 1 standard. The interiors of the rear doors are equipped with an electrical locking system, which can be operated with a pin code. The doors are additionally equipped with pins which engage in the side wall, so that the doors are completely anchored with the side wall, roof and floor. The vehicle is hermetically closed by this pin interlocking system.
Despite the large internal height of 3,055 mm, van Eck has succeeded in successfully testing this mega-refrigerated body by cooperating with TÜV Nord and is provided with a certificate according to the DIN EN 12642 Code XL standard. This certification enables the carrier to transport the cargo without having to additionally fasten it with tension belts and cargo joists.

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