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Report in the "Wirtschaftsreport" of the IHK Siegen
The flagship company GEORGI Transports

For many years now, GEORGI Transports has placed an enormous emphasis on a family-conscious personnel policy in order to enhance the work ethics of its employees and to contribute to a more balanced life of all its collaborators. The crucial compatibility of family and work plays a key role at GEORGI Transports and it is impossible to overestimate its significance for successful development and a unified vision. Flexible workplace design and the possibility for a customizable organization of working hours, the option to work from home or the possibility for a longer leave of absence – everything is possible so long as it serves a better compatibility of the two crucial aspects of life that are considered so interconnected at GEORGI Transports. As situations vary and needs are never the same, there might not be a convenient solution for each and every one of our employees. However, we look at consultation to find an adequate approach in every case and we support all of our employees at all times to find a suitable path for themselves, one that will allow them to lead a more harmonious life and contribute even better to our workforce. Our credo here at GEORGI Transports rests primarily with individual solutions for individual cases instead of a panacea when dealing with measures in human resources (HR) policy regarding the compatibility of family and work. No two situations are the same and our employees have families that need them as much as we do.

The economic report of the IHK Siegen (the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Siegen) also showed an interest in our family-friendly human resources policy and relates to Georgi Transports in its series of articles on “Family and Work”.

It is definitely worth to check it out!

You can find a pdf version of the IHK economic report mentioned above following this link: Georgi-Transporte – Familie und Beruf
(only in german available)
A pdf version of the entire economic report of the IHK Siegen mentioned above can be found here:
(only in german available)

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