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Georgi Transporte - Almost 65 Years on the Road

Cargo Forwarder Global hat einen Artikel über GEORGI Transporte veröffentlicht und Berichtet über 65 erfolgreiche Jahre des Unternehmens.

We take a look this week at an exceptional success story concerning one of Europe’s largest trucking (RFS) companies. Georgi Transporte, which was founded in Germany back in the early fifties, and which has grown into one of Europe’s most well-known and versified air cargo trucking companies.

Start small and think big
We’ll never know whether Siegfried Georgi and his wife ever imagined that they would be the initiators of today’s Georgi Transporte when they started up their small transport company in Aue, Saxony in 1953. The company is today still a ‘family affair,’ run by Siegfried’s son Juergen along with his son Christian.

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