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Shipments are our daily bread, and those who want to get ahead need vehicles that are on the right track for the future.
In particular where environmental awareness is concerned: Even though our quality management is already DIN ISO 14001 certified, that's no reason to relax. On the contrary, we have taken this a step further: With a brand new fleet of 10 Mercedes Actros 1845 Longline Trucks. These powerful Trucks set new standards where environmental protection is concerned, by scoring in several aspects: The particulate pollution falls by 67%, whilst CO2 emissions even decrease by 80%. By comparison to its predecessors, the new Actros not only consumes 4.5% less fuel, but also fulfils the Euro 6 standard, which will apply throughout Europe from 2014 onwards. This is how we will be improving the environment where road usage and the shipment of your goods are concerned.

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