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As one of the leading companies in Road Feeder Services in Europe, at GEORGI, we tackle our customers' logistical challenges with expertise. Given the dynamic nature of the logistics industry, we leverage cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff to meet diverse customer needs.
In addition to our core Road Feeder Service, we specialize in handling sensitive cargo such as security, high-value pharmaceuticals, and hazardous shipments. Our services include specialized engine transports, outsize shipments, road convoys, and escorts. Additionally, we provide full cargo handling services at 35,000 m² facilities located at the major German airports FRA and LEJ.
Always the best solution
We strive to always find the optimal solution for our customers and to flexibly respond to their wishes and requirements. Our motto is: 'If it seems impossible, it doesn't exist!

Established family-owned business
As a mature family enterprise, GEORGI Transporte has maintained its familial essence. Since 1994, the company has been effectively led by Jürgen Georgi, the son of its founder, Siegfried Georgi.

Over 1000 employees
With over 1000 employees in the GEORGI Group and a modern fleet of over four hundred vehicles, including our own fleet in near Frankfurt am Main, we operate throughout Europe.

  • Our company philosophy

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"COMET" – Our philosophy

Customer-oriented workflow is our first and foremost principle. Offering expertise and custom services tailored to our clients, we build trusted relationships. This is our company's strength: fostering long-term relationships and providing a safety net that our clients can rely on. Satisfied and trusted customers are the cornerstone of long-term economic success and job security.

Optimization of processes and constant improvement of our services are one of our greatest endeavors. We carefully address our customers' goals and provide them with customized, tailored services that meet their specific needs.


Motivating our employees is a basic requirement for trusted and efficient collaboration within our company. Our staff goes beyond their assigned tasks. Each team member understands that they shape and represent our company.

Enjoyment in their work empowers our staff to consistently devise solutions to various challenges that arise in the daily operations of transport.

Teamwork is the driving force behind achieving our goals. Only by collaborating effectively can we adapt to market shifts and maintain our competitive position.
  • Hand in hand with our Environment

    Hand in hand
    with our

Our environmental goals

As Europe is our home, our aim is to minimize environmental impact. We set high standards for ourselves and strive to continuously reduce emission rates and fuel consumption. For this reason, the GEORGI Group invests in a modern truck fleet that meets at least EURO 6 emission standards. Our fleet with own workshop and TÜV approval ensures that our vehicles meet these high standards and align with our environmental goals. Additionally, we have our own Sustainability Management Platform, enabling us to effectively manage and continuously monitor our environmental objectives.
Driver training 
Furthermore, we provide regular training to our drivers to promote economical and fuel-saving driving techniques. Additionally, we are supported by an advanced Telematics System in this endeavor.
Investments in modern systems
We can promote environmental protection not only on the road but also by significantly reducing the number of uneconomical empty trips through investments in continuously improving logistics.

Improving our carbon footprint
To continuously enhance our carbon footprint, we advocate for environmentally friendly technologies and pursue ongoing improvements for the benefit of both our clients and the environment.
  • Six decadesserving you locally.

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    Six decades
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