Beyond the standard – with precision and reliability

Special parts of machines or special vehicles exceed current standard dimensions. We solve transport tasks – including wide loads. Even so, not every machine component stays within the customary standard dimensions.

Diverse tarpaulin-covered and curtain siders, together with experienced staff are available for wide load and volume transports. It is not important here as to whether you require loading to take place from above by crane or by a forklift truck from the side. Of course, a great deal has to be taken into account for this type of transport. A good agreement is taken as read.
Lead time: 
1– 2 days (up to 3 m wide, within France and Germany) 
3 – 14 days (outside France and Germany and widths exceeding 3 m). The lead time depends here on the additional permit requirement.

National and International 

Special aspect: 
Due to the need to determine the route, additional time may be required.
  • Transports of all kinds throughout Europe
  • Exceptions permit for widths up to 350 cm for all European countries
  • State-of-the-art special vehicles (tarpaulin, curtain sider, low bed)
  • Possibility for widening the rear portal by up to 550 cm
  • Optimally protected cargo up to a height of 500 cm and up to 400 cm under cover
  • Experience, know-how, commitment
  • Every contract and every transport is different; we react to it with the greatest possible flexibility and a high demand on our service.