Beyond the standard – with precision and reliability

Special parts of machinery or specialized vehicles may exceed the typical standard dimensions, whether in width, height, or length. We specialize in handling transport tasks for oversized and extraordinary dimensions. We also take care of all regulatory permits and requirements with experience and diligence.
Various tarpaulin vehicles and curtainsiders, along with experienced drivers, are ready for oversize and volumetric transport. Whether you prefer loading from above with a crane or from the side with a forklift, we are equipped to accommodate both methods. Naturally, there are many aspects to consider in such transport, so thorough coordination is essential.
  • Comprehensive transport services across Europe
  • Exceptional permits allowing widths up to 350 cm for all European countries
  • State-of-the-art special vehicles (tarpaulin, curtain sider, low bed)
  • Ability to widen the rear portal by up to 550 cm
  • Superior cargo protection up to a height of 500 cm and under cover up to 400 cm
  • Leveraging extensive experience, expertise, and dedication
  • We respond with maximum flexibility and a commitment to excellence in service